Our Research

HBCUs as Thought Partners

“CAO is uniquely positioned to move the discussion about HBCUs and problem solving from the object of a conversation to the subject of a conversation. When we are looking at education reform, criminal justice, and entrepreneurship, HBCUs are not an afterthought.” Gerard Robinson


CAO recognizes the need for fragile communities to directly participate in identifying and studying the challenges most significant to them and finding research-based answers to the questions they want to pursue. For over 100 years, HBCUs have been pillars of the increasingly diverse communities they serve, not only by playing a historic role to strengthen these communities, but also presents a unique opportunity to change the future by educating adults who reshape their communities and, therefore, our nation.


CAO will enhance this tradition by investing in leaders at TMCF member-schools to spur collaboration within and among HBCUs, as well as with researchers at universities across the country, to enhance our knowledge about education, criminal justice, and entrepreneurship through rigorous, data-driven studies.